Wubbzy Goes to School
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Wubbzy Goes to School
Discs 1
Episodes 6
Added May 27, 2006
Release date June 6, 2006

Wubbzy Goes to School is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!DVD that contains five episodes from Season 1 and one episode from Season 2. This DVD is revolved around episodes about schools and art.



  1. Episodes
  2. Special Features
  3. Trivia
  4. Gallery
    1. DVD Contents
    2. Opening and Menus
    3. Photo Gallery: Meet Wubbzy's Schoolmates!
    4. Coloring & Activity Sheets

Summary Edit


Watch as Wubbzy faces his fear of going to school,Widget trains to be a ballerina and everybody tries to learn tricks from Moo Moo the Magician. Join the fun, as Wubbzy and his friends meet new kids and discover new experiences, with plenty of singing and dancing along the way!"

Episodes Edit

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Photo Gallery: Meet Wubbzy's Schoolmates!
  • Coloring and Activity Sheets
  • Sneak Peeks
  • Music Videos
  • HIT Extras

Trivia EditEdit

  • This DVD was also bundled with the Go For Gold! DVD in a 2-disc box set.
  • The DVD was going to be released on August 9, 2005, then it planned to be released on February 28, 2006, but was ultimately released on June 6, 2006 (1 year before).

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