A Little Help From My Friends


Discs 1
Episodes 8
Added August 5, 2006 (after Melanie got fired)
Release date September 26, 2006

A Little Help From My Friends is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! DVD that contains eight episodes from Season 1 (six including two bonus episodes). This DVD features episodes related to friendship and other values.



  1. Episodes
    1. Bonus episodes
  2. Special Features
  3. Trivia
  4. Gallery
    1. Kooky Kostume Kreator

Summary EditEdit

"Join WubbzyWidget and Walden in Wuzzleburg in this fun, fun, fun collection of 8 great episodes! Friendship takes center stage as Wubbzy and his pals search for a lost Wiggle Wrench, escape from a runaway Doodleberry Cake, build a Super Robot, teach Walden to boogie and work hard for Wuzzleburgtrophies! Together they discover the importance of positive values like confidence, cooperation, teamwork and above all, the meaning of friendship. There's hours of singing, dancing, laughing and learning in this Emmy® award - winning series that will have kids and parents alike saying WOW!"

Episodes EditEdit

Bonus episodes EditEdit

Special Features EditEdit

Trivia EditEdit

Gallery EditEdit

Kooky Kostume KreatorEditEdit

[2]Title Screen[3]Gameplay[4]Gameplay 2[5]Gameplay 3[6]Print Screen

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